You're Going to Fail at Photography?

In this podcast, we dissect street photographer, Eric Kim's video titled "Why You Should Not Pursue a Career in Photography" and analyze what Eric is really trying to say. An aspect about his video I really like is how he shares some of the realities of actually becoming a photographer and how difficult it is to make it out there. He shares some of his business ideas and methods to help encourage you.


Can You Make Money in the Photography YouTube Genre?

In this episode, I share with you some strategies and information that can come in handy when starting your YouTube channel. We will analyze some current YouTube channels in the photography space, as well as determine how many views you need per day to make a living doing YouTube.

My YouTube Secrets-Ep1 (Podcast)

In this podcast, I talk about how I got started on YouTube as well as tell you what goes on behind the scenes. I divulge why I make YouTube videos and why I do them in the first place. You'll also sadly find out its a tough career to follow.